Aug 28 2012

Yotel Baby!

So, I have already alluded to my madcap trip to Europe that I have coming up in my review of a Nexus 7 case but the details are starting to fall into place.

That pesky time difference (and my notorious cheapness) mean that I will be landing in Amsterdam at 6 AM and European hotels are not very cooperative about checking in early! So, since I have a trade show to attend the day I land, I am going to book a very brief stay at the Yotel at Schiphol for a quick nap and a shower in an attempt to be somewhat presentable.

What’s a Yotel you ask? It is a closet with a bed and a shower that you can rent by the hour. Well, not like your traditional hourly hotel, more like a, “I have 6 AM flight after a redeye” hourly hotel. Sort of like those beds in drawers we pictured in the Jetson’s.

It is small…of course you don’t need much based on its goal.

About the size of a train compartment with WiFi and a bathroom and a bed all on top of each other. Since I will primarily be looking at the back of my eyelids it should be about perfect.

Given how cross I normally am after a transatlantic overnight, I am hoping this will at least bring me up to the level of “functional” for the day! With locations in Gatwick, Heathrow and Schiphol to add to their brand new Times Square NYC location they are well positioned to take care of the power traveler.

The Yotel is actually inside of security so if you have an early flight, you can show up the night before, clear security and crash. If you are coming in and trying to do the nap and shower like myself you must not be checking any bags because if you leave the secured area you are not getting back in. Proceed with caution.

Minimum stay is 4 hours and it can start on the hour or half hour. Real time pics will be coming at the back half of the trip when I let you know if the Yotel saved my life or not. At 45 Euros it is not a cheap stay but with a convention in town the hotels are all at astronomical levels…

So…anybody have a good itinerary for the 3 hours of touristing I might get to do while in Amsterdam?

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