Jan 16 2012

Yet Another Trade Show

Just freshly back from CES and headed back to the left coast for another trade show: NAMM.

The National Association of Music Merchandising show is a cacaphonous mash up of metal heads, band and orchestra people and recording geeks. Their is generally a dollop of semi-famous people and some really wacky hair and outfits. I will post some photo samplings for your perusal at the the end of the week, and yes, we will be playing “Mullet Bingo”!


If are not familiar with the game it is a variation on the classic Bingo game but your card has a range of types of mullets (ie the faded glory mullet, the ape drape, the female mullet and the very rare flat top mullet) and you fill your card by snapping phone pics of the various types.

Bonus points are awarded for self pictures of your own mullet or actually getting the mullet bearer to pose with you in the pic.

It is truly sad the things you will do to amuse yourself at a 4 day trade show.

Oh yeah, we will actually try to get some work done, meet with our clients and talk about some new gear that is shipping (more on that when the veil of secrecy has been lifted on Thursday morning!).

I am also working on a review of the Zuca roller board suitcase this trip. I have not used a wheeled bag in a long time and I must say that there are some benefits…particularly for one that can double as a chair at a crowded gate.

As usual, if there is a particular toy you want me to check out for you than leave me a comment or drop me an email and I will do my best to go make a product guys life miserable!

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  1. Jeff Mac

    Might be best if you emailed me…

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