Apr 27 2012

Yet Another BT Keyboard for iPad

Yes, I know you are tired of my addiction to keyboards for iPads.

I am deeply sorry for the trauma I am causing you on this front. Really…well, at least a little.

Ok, I guess if I were really, TRULY sorry I would quit writing about keyboards…but I just can’t. Sigh.

So, in that vein, CultofMac tipped me off to a very slick looking MacBook Air styled keyboard case for the iPad2 and the iPad New.

Unfortunately, I can only currently find it through Cpeel.net out of Germany, but they will ship it worldwide for a flat fee of $15.

The iPad Notebook Case (SURELY, it has a better name than that?) features a BT keyboard and a 4000 milliamp hour battery. It looks like that juice comes out of a USB port on the side of the keyboard.

Mmmm…aluminum…batteries. Yum! I am about this far from clicking “add to cart”.

Tucked up next to a MBP on their site...

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