Sep 28 2011

Well, They Did It

Amazon went and made their own tablet. A 7 inch window into their content servers for music, books, movies and just about anything else that Mr. Bezos has a hankering to sell ( Need a 14K White Gold Engagement Ring? )

Lots of rumors were running around the web on this beast, and most of them were accurate. In time for Christmas, 7 inch format, forked version of Android, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Unless I missed it, nobody got the price right. I even heard people whispering the Fire (who named this thing?) had crept up to $299 from the planned $249 price point.

But $199? BAM! That’s right Amazon, go straight for the cell phone model and underwrite the cost of the device because you KNOW you are just going to use this little beast to sell content. I think Mr. Jobs has already taught us that content is king, and if anybody can catch Apple on that front, it is Amazon.

Especially for $300 less than a baseline iPad.

I think they are going to sell a metric crap load of these.

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