Apr 12 2011

Welcome to the UK…

Checked into the hotel in Cambridge last night. A Holiday Inn looks the same the world round!

I was also in a very strange situation. A very polite British girl checked me in to the hotel when we arrived. The strange part was I had a much harder time puzzling through her accent than I had understanding the Germinglish that I had been listening to the last 5 days in Deutschland!

She would say something to me and I would have to wait and blink stupidly as my brain processed the info. I am sure that she thought me a right, complete idiot.

As the playwright said, “America and England are separated by a common language.” Too true!

Got a tiny amount of time to wander around the Cambridge University area today. It was quite stunning. There are numerous colleges gathered under the university’s umbrella, all with their own specialities and emphases.

The front side of King's College, Cambridge

The business colleague we drafted as a guide told us that King’s College had been there since the 1600s. These are pictures of the front of King’s college and picture of my business partner and I in front of the Chapel at King’s College.

Ted and I in front of the chapel on the back side of King's college

Now time to experiment with the public transport system in the UK! We are taking the non-stop train from Cambridge to the King’s Cross station in London. Slightly noisier and a bit more rickety than the ICE through Germany, but still quite impressive.

I have to see about getting my Oyster card recharged when we get to London so we can take the tube about.

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