Oct 06 2011

WaterField Wants to Cover Your iPhone

WaterField has another couple of cool iPhone case approaches out ahead of the competition.

The iPhone Hint is a minimalist wallet approach with space for an iPhone and a couple of cards or cash in a stretchy back pocket. The slip style wallet is in a brown, naturally tanned leather and has a window so you can view and operate the iPhone while it is in the Hint.

The iPhone Wallet is more interesting to me personally. The zippered wallet is available in brown or black and has a divided section for the iPhone with a similar windowed section to allow you to use the iPhone while it is inside the wallet. There are also divided sections for cards and cash that are isolated from the phone by a reinforced, Ultrasuede divider.

I can’t quite wrap my head around how pocketable the Wallet is but I really like the look and thought of it. Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPhone.

(editors note: I have since acquired an iPhone and reviewed the wallet here.)

Of course, now that the iPhone is coming to Sprint, I may have to cave in and change that fact!

WaterField is accepting preorders now and will ship before the end of October

iPhone Hint $25

iPhone Wallet $39

WaterField Designs
Made in San Francisco

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