Jul 10 2013

WaterField Suede Jacket Sleeve Review

waterfield sleeve

WaterField has a gift for elegant simplicity. Gary’s obsession with Apple products has left him with a taste for clean lines and form that is driven by function.

The suede laptop jackets are perfect examples of that. A soft, perfectly sized envelope of suede is configured specifically for your MacBook or MacBook Air. They have chosen to limit the offerings to these so they can ensure the fit is exemplary…and it is.

How can you make something so simple and yet so thought out? The version that I have for my MacBook Air 11 is a portrait orientation. On each side of the opening are thumb loops. These make getting the laptop in and out of the sleeve so much easier.

At the very base of the sleeve is a neoprene bumper to protect the edge of your computer as you set it down into your bag.

Each one is custom cut and sewed to perfectly fit your beloved MacBook in WaterField’s secret laboratory in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. The MacBook just looks so cozy cuddled in its little felt cocoon.

A soft, elegant sleeve to keep your MacBook clean and scratch free. Made in America as well. What else could you ask for?

Highly recommended.

Lapto Suede Jacket Sleeve $25-$33

WaterField Designs

Made in San Francisco

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