Sep 05 2012

WaterField Nexus7 Travel Express Case Review

There are lots of things that choosing an Apple product grants you. One of the most significant is the HUGE range of accessory options out there for the iPhone and iPad. You could pick up a new case at WalMart if you were in a lurch but there is no guarantee that you could do the same with the Note, Tab or Xoom of your choice.

With Google wading into the fray directly (well, using Asus as its proxy anyway) the range of accessories for the Nexus 7 is already looking like it is going to be a bit broader. One of my favorite bag and case companies, WaterField has no fewer than 6 cases for the Nexus 7 listed on their website…so I figured I would show you a few!

They have three “simple” cases that are aimed at the minimalist. The Smart Case, Slip Case and Suede Jacket Sleeve are all aimed at a touch of protection without a lot of bulk. They are all immaculately made from great materials, but for me, I want a bit more than that…

The Travel Express Case is almost a miniature laptop case. Since I am trying to use the Nexus7 to replace a laptop on short jaunts, it looked like it could be perfect.

The case is made out of ballistic nylon in black with and accent strip in your choice of seven colors and a small logo on the front. The case zips around two sides of the case with a quality YKK locking zipper. Folded one way it will slide and folded the other way it is not moving even if it is bouncing around on the insides of another bag.

Opening the zipper all the way makes it easy to get at everything inside. The inside of the Travel Express Case is as soft and cuddly as the outside is bullet proof vest tough. Once you open it, you can also feel that there are solid plastic inserts in the walls of the case that add additional protection to your tablet inside.

One wall has a pocket set up to protect your Nexus from anything else bouncing around inside of the case. The wall on the inside of this pocket also has a plastic insert to protect the tablet from things inside of the case. There are two mesh pockets on the tablet section that are a great place to tuck a cable or two.

The other wall of the case has got three soft, padded pockets sewn into it. The back one is loosely gusseted so that something larger can go in to it. The Nexus7 charging adapter is bulkier than I think it needs to be, but it tucks in here nicely. The other are well sized for a phone or an iPod or a stack of business cards.

The center section of the case is open and could hold a bigger accessory like a folding keyboard and a pen or stylus for a bit more flexibility. In fact you can get quite a bit of stuff in it!

The Travel Express Case is very structured because of those plastic shields inside so it stays pretty svelte even when you pack it up with too much stuff!

If you are really chasing the laptop bag vibe you can even add D rings and a shoulder strap to the case to make it easier to carry. Even if you don’t opt for the strap you should definitely add the D rings for a $5 up charge. This gives you the option of a strap in the future.


The Travel Express Case is made out of great materials here in the USA. The little touches like the plastic shields inside the case walls lift the WaterField above the mundane. The construction quality is excellent and it has just enough storage for your Nexus and the critical bits.

If you are looking for a little more protection without the storage you should take a look at the Ultimate Tablet Case (which I reviewed here). It is well padded and will make you feel much safer even should you drop it from a height.

Or if you are looking for something with a pop of color and a little less structure than the Travel Express Case you might want to take a look at the Tablet Travel Case which I reviewed here.

I love having a choice and it is clear that is EXACTLY what WaterField gives you when it comes to clothing your Nexus 7 in the precise amount of protection and storage that you need!

WaterField Travel Express Case $59 – $91 ($59 as reviewed)

WaterField Designs

Made in San Francisco

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