Sep 29 2011

Waterfield Kindle Cases

So, did you do it?

Did you abandon any sense of self-control and immediately click on that “Preorder:Add to Cart” button that loomed like a shining apple, taunting your innate sense of discipline?

The folks at WaterField Designs in SF must have Jeff Bezos on the Batphone because they announced an entire LINE of cases for the Kindle Fire and the new Kindles before the photons had quit hitting my eyes from the press event live stream I was watching!

“We’ve created a line of cases with a variety of styles, levels of protection and functionality; there’s something here for everyone,” explained Gary WaterField, company founder. “They’re protective, lightweight and travel easily.”

He left out sexy. Really sexy. If this close up doesn’t make you drool I am not quite sure why you read my blog!

3 different lines of cases for the new Kindles and the Fire would have been impressive to get out the door this quickly…but 6 new cases!? Prescient Pollyanna, now that is really impressive!

You could have a boring Kindle Fire case, but why would you want to?

The Slip Case, The Smart Case and the Suede Jacket will wrap your precious new media consumption device in simplistic elegance and a comforting level of additional protection.

If your newly acquired gadget lust has you yearning for a bit more protection for your soon to arrive Kindle than you may want to consider the Ultimate Sleeve Case or the Exo Case.

If you want to drag some additional accessories along the Travel Express is a killer choice.

Additionally, the scrumptious Muzetto or the Kindle Travel Case could be in your sights should you so choose. I reviewed the Galaxy Tab version of the Travel Case here if you are looking for some more in-depth info on WaterField’s quality and design savvy.

With prices ranging from $29 to $59 there is a case for anyone and everyone. All of them feature WaterField’s ridiculous attention to detail, exceptional materials and they are all Made in the USA.

Preorders for these cases will ship within two weeks of the Kindles they match up to, so your tasty new tablet or eReader won’t be lonely for long. Actually, if I know WaterField, they will have you a case before Amazon gets you something to put in it!

WaterField Designs
Made in San Francisco

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