Jan 17 2014

WaterField Finn Wallet Review

finn wallet

About 2 years ago I reviewed Waterfield’s iPhone wallet. I loved the functionality and the look of it…but my phone outgrew it or I would probably still be using it today. I actually got a bit misty when I unloaded it and put it in my drawer filled with the things that I can’t quite stand to get rid of.

When they launched the new Finn Wallet, I won’t lie…I lusted a little bit. Maybe even more than a little bit. It had “worthy successor” written all over it in great big, block letters. In Sharpie!

While it doesn’t feature the window of the iPhone Wallet, it does feature a slim, zippered approach that will fit the new generation of five-inch display phones like the Galaxy S4 and the Google Nexus 5. This is assuming you like to carry your phone in a slimline case, not some huge armored behemoth.

finn wallet

My S4 tucked in the midst of cash and cards

The inside is pretty simple, with a pocket on each side of the wallet to store bills or cards and an open section in the center to tuck your phone into. The zipper goes around two sides of the wallet to keep everything safely inside. WaterField opted for a YKK zipper because no one ever complains if you use the best.

The zipper has a locking mechanism so that when you fold it flat it will not open. Just a bit of extra security, to make sure everything stays right where it is supposed to be.

There are 4 different sizes to scale from iPhone5 and Samsung G4 sizes to the capacious size 42 which will even hold a passport along with enough currency and cards to start a new life on the far side of the world.

While there are six gorgeous leather options for the Finn Wallet, there are also two Vegan material options. One is a high-tech, flash nylon, but I opted for the more organic looking waxed canvas. It combines a natural feel with some water resistance and it even ages gracefully as it takes on the shape of the stuff you put within it.

finn wallet

In case you were interested in the leather colors…

I tested the size 69 and it easily held twelve credit cards, a stack of bills, some business cards, a leather SIM card holder and my ID. Oh yeah, and my phone. I had room to spare and the zipper kept it from expanding to the size of the Hindenburg. Even with the phone inside it still makes a pretty reasonable size package.


The Finn Wallet is crafted with the kind of care that usually goes into wedding preparation, not wallet creation. It is made of great materials, has great stitching and is the perfect place to tuck your phone and not have to carry anything else when you go out for the evening.

The zippered wallet approach really works for me. I like the security of knowing that stuff is tucked safely inside and that zipper is locked in place.

Did I mention that it is made in the USA? That’s right, nearly perfect and adding to the local economy! That makes me smile. WaterField is the kind of company that likes to do things right and in the right way.

Highly recommended.

WaterField Designs Finn Wallet $39- $49

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