May 15 2012

WaterField City Slicker MBA Case

The new WaterField City Slicker Mac Book Air Case is actually made from the leather in the vests that Billy Crystal wore in the movie. Luckily, Mr Crystal is a serious clothes horse, so there is enough material to make hundreds of these before they run dry of materials.

Yeah, I made all of that completely up, but I do really like the look of the new Slimline City Slicker case.

Slick and svelte like the Mac Book Air but the leather brings a little bit of rough and tumble to the equation. Available in black, camel, chocolate and “grizzly” to complement and contrast with the neoprene of the body of the case. It is a great balance of minimal thickness but maximum protection with three distinct protective layers.

The front flap reveals a little bit of an organization so you can take the critical bits with you.

You can choose to add a handle, strap or just D rings to the case to improve your carrying options.

11″ CitySlicker MacBook Air Case – $129
13″ CitySlicker MacBook Air Case – $139

Up and available for preorder now.

CitySlicker MacBook Air Case

Shipping begins by May 28, 2012.

WaterField Designs
Made in San Francisco

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