Apr 14 2013

Wanna Meet the Locals?

I mean do you really want to meet the locals?

Go to church!

The altar at St. John's

The altar at St. John’s

My colleague and I had a very brief stop in Edinburg (say it with me, ed-in-burrow, and roll the Rs if you can) on a business trip and had a Sunday to while away. We were headed to Edinburgh castle when we wandered by St John’s Cathedral and noticed that Choral Matins was about to start so we ducked in and found a seat.

It was so charming that we decided to stay for the Sung Eucharist.

The services were somewhere between high church and low church. Mostly music from previous centuries but lacking the “bells and smells” that my Greek Orthodox buddy says would make it High Church. As an American protestant where we play basketball in the same room as services, it seemed pretty high church to me!

After the services we were going to sneak out and head to Edinburgh Castle but the gentleman in front of us insisted that we join them for coffee in the social area of the church. We were not on a strict timeline, so we agreed.

We were treated to 30 minutes of great conversation with three of the gentleman there in the parish. They regaled us with stories of the area (one of them used to work at the castle), conversations about the church politics and asked us a thousand questions about America.

I think those three would actually remember the “crazy Americans” if we came back.

A little bit of time, a little bit of music and some friends that have promised to look us up when they get to the states. That is truly one of the best things about traveling!


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