Nov 07 2013

Wait…what? An American Airlines story

american airlines

I try to plan ahead.

Really, I do.

But sometimes, life intrudes. Recently, I had a trip that I scheduled where I needed to come back a day early. So I called my friendly American Airlines reservation agent.

american airlines

…not so much.

“How may I assist you sir?”

I told her I wanted to come back on flight AA9999 on Thursday morning instead of Friday morning.

So, difference in fares, carry the one, add the change fee, stand on your left leg and throw a dart at the wall.

“That will be $374 sir.”


“Ummmm…I am on your website and I can buy that ticket as a stand alone one-way ticket for $302.”

“No sir, if you already have a ticket with a return segment we will not allow you to purchase another ticket.”

Well…Delta will.

I really like American Airlines…most of the time. I like their frequent flyer program, I like the amenities and they will soon have the newest fleet of planes in the industry.

But the byzantine nature of flight pricing and change fees (not to mention additional charges for checked baggage, snacks etc.) has me banging my head against the bulkhead. Repeatedly.

Oh, and the Customer Service agent was wrong. American Airlines website was perfectly happy to sell me a one way ticket for the same flight on a different day.

I just hate to reward them for punishing me.

Let’s see what the schedule for the Delta flight looks like.

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