Jun 16 2013

Ventev Intros Mobile Accessories

At CTIA, I met with a new (to me, anyway) company called Ventev making a range of wireless and mobile accessories.

Turns out that they have made backbone and infrastructure in the wireless world since 1952! Their history includes integrating the very first radio from the caboose to the engine of the train so that the tail could talk to the head while in route.

They showed chargers, cases and other mobile accessories aimed mostly at iPhone but with applicability to Android as well. They had a range of cables (micro USB, Apple 30 pin and Lightning) in flat tangle free formats with a range of colors from staid black to shocking neon!

Ventev Chargesync_Apple_Lightning_cable_Green

They pay careful attention to the gauge of copper in these cables to make sure you get maximum data transfer and the fastest charging performance.

They also have an array of car chargers, including pieces that will charge two iPads concurrently. The combo car/wall unit is not out until this fall but it definitely made my eyebrows go up!

Screenshot 2013-06-16 at 5.41.20 PM - Edited

Also of interest to me were a pair of low profile battery cases for the iPhone5. These add very little bulk while tacking on some protection and an additional 1500 or 2000 mah of power. You can never have enough juice!

Ventev Powercase 2000_Black_front

There is no real surprise that they also count some battery packs in their bag of tricks.The larger 5000 mah hour unit will charge and phone and an iPad at the same time and they claim it will hold a charge for six months in storage.

mobile accessories

Ventev appears to be a company with some interesting ideas in mobile accessories and the capital to pull them off. I will definitely be keeping them on my radar.


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