May 23 2012

Valentine Goods MacBook Cover Review


Leather makes a statement. It may be about the iconic eternal youth of James Dean or the neuroses of Ross in the bathroom with the baby powder but it always says something.

What would it say about your gadgets? Would your iPhone be Kenicki from Grease or David Coverdale from Whitesnake? Is your iPad Randy Jackson or Indiana Jones? The mental gymnastics are amusing and they say a lot about your personality…or at least what you want your personality to be!

I got the chance to play a bit of this game when Valentine Goods sent me one of their gorgeous back covers in genuine leather for my MacBook Pro.

The founder of the company is a Cleveland boy who chose to take his talents to the big city. NYC to be specific. His industrial design background constantly has him asking the question, “How can I make this better?”

The idea for Valentine Goods came when a friend of his bought a faux leather case for an iPhone that began to disintegrate before his eyes. The beautiful thing about real leather is that wear and tear (patina is the word if you want to sound cool) makes the leather look better not worse and it will last a good, long time.

Valentine uses one of those high-tech adhesives from 3M that make us all wonder what is going on in those labs up in Minnesota. It attached easily and pulled free with no residue. I like that and the crew at Valentine suggested that I might want to change my colors and have several of these to match my mood. If you do swap them you can be assured that nothing remains on your computer. You may want to keep the original paper to store the back on when you are not using it. As long as it does not get dirty it will stick securely for a very, long time.

The leather is about an eighth of an inch thick and is cut perfectly for the size of the computer. The Apple logo is carefully cut out so that it (and only it!) shows through the leather. Tres cool!

The Valentine cover passes the all important Apple store test. By that I mean that I carried my computer in to the Apple store and got oohs and ahhs from the staff. One of them stopped me and had to know where it had come from.

The range of possibilities offered are touched on at the Valentine Goods website, but are certainly not limited to that. If you have a great idea they would likely be able to help you realize it for your computer,tablet or iPhone.

Of course,if ostrich and stingray are not unique enough for you I am not sure what the next step is!

The leather cover is sexy and supple and makes my MacBook feel much more organic. I love the vibe.

The only small issue I had with the cover is that I have a very tight neoprene case that I use to protect my MBP in a briefcase. If I was not
careful, the cover would catch and peel up in the case. Once I pulled it out I would push it down on the Mac and the adhesive held perfectly but I could see that if this happened constantly it would eventually compromise the adhesive.


I love the look and feel of the MacBook cover so much that I find myself browsing the site for some new clothing for my iPhone and iPad. Nice to touch and beautiful to look at. What’s not to like?

MacBook Leather Cover $40

To contact Valentine Goods
Send an email to info@valentinegoods.com
Tweet at @valgoods
Or send a facebook message or leave a note on their wall.

Jamie at Valentine also has a line of custom jewlery at www.kckscrm.com if you like what you see here.


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