Jan 31 2012

Up Coming Stuff

Wow, I can’t believe it has been a week since I have posted anything. To say that things have been crazy here would be and understatement of epic proportions!

I have a lot of stuff in the hopper including reviews on the following products:

Zuca Sport Pro Rolling Suitcase
Tom Bihn Co-Pilot Carry on bag
Goflex Network Hard Drive
Kindle Keyboard
Z Attache
MyCharge Portable Power Bank 6000

..as well as some secret stuff I can’t tell you about yet!

I am also in the planning stage of a 5 day trip to Italy on the heels of MusikMesse in late March this year so there will be some stuff upcoming on the planning process and what tech I need to take with me on that!

Stay tuned!


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  1. Derek Robertson

    Did you see http://www.mypowerbag.com/ at CES? Saw it on the today show. Pretty cool.

  2. Jeff Mac

    A blogger buddy of mine got one for review and he was unimpressed and sent it back for one of the power bricks.

    When I met with them at CES and they found out I had connections at timbuk2 they were very keen to be introduced over there to work on a collaborative power bag.

  3. Derek Robertson

    Very cool. So who is your suggestion for a bag. I have a computer back pack and I am getting very annoyed by it. any time it gets a little front heavy and you set it down it falls over. The other day my laptop popped out and broke the latch. Oh and I dont have any money lol.

  4. Jeff Mac

    Hmmm, well what do you need to carry and what size is your laptop?

  5. Derek D. Robertson

    The laptop is a 15″ power book g4 ( stop laughing). I usually carry of course power cord, other power cords for cell phone, ipod… Of course a Sweetwater magazine, notebook, lots of sharpies. Couple of external hardrives. I can cut that back because it gets heavy quick.

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