Jun 12 2011

Trip to Albuquerque

Ducked to NM for the weekend to spend a little time with my Mom. The weather, not surprisingly, is hot and dry.

Complicating the weather a bit are the forest fires just over the border in Arizona. A wind from the west blankets the city and turns the normally razor sharp air into a smoggy cloud that would make an Angeleno feel right at home.

The mountains are so obscured you could even miss them from the West side of town.

The strange thing is that even after being gone from Albuquerque for nearly 30 years I still walk around with the vague expectation that I will bump into someone I know. Why do I think that there is ANY possibility that we would recognize one another if we did?

So far my checklist for the weekend has gone something like this:

Joeco demo- check
Mexican food- check (Ortega’s combo plate)
Help Mom with patio- check

Help Mom with patio- check
Mexican food- check (Mary and Tito’s carne adovada)

Carne Adovada- not fancy but tasty

Still on the docket
Last minute honey dos for Mom
Mexican Food
Trip to the gym and cardiologist

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