Sep 04 2013

Travelon Front Pocket Wallet Review

It wasn’t too long ago that a pick-pocket actually had to take your wallet to accomplish something. Now with RFID chips and scanners they can steal your passport or credit card info and you won’t ever be the wiser.

Until the monthly statement comes anyway.

Luckily, the crew at Travelon know a bit about travel. They have been making kit to make travel easier for over thirty years.

So what do they suggest to defend against Francois patting my bum with a scanner while taking the Metro to the Louvre? Glad you asked!

A travel wallet with metallic lining does an excellent job of foiling those techno-thieves and their 13.56 mHz evil plans. I tested the Safe ID Leather Front Pocket Wallet with some Samsung Tectile RF tags and I was completely unable to get a reading while they were in the wallet. That is a relief!

The wallet is a stitched leather bi-fold affair available in either black or brown. It features six card slots with a storage area behind each of these flaps and a main area for paper bill storage.


Because Jamaican money makes it look like you have a lot…


Storage behind the card slots with my SIM card holder hiding therein

The wallet also sports a curved corner. This makes it far easier to store in a front pocket. If your high-tech spoiler pushes a white-collar criminal to physical felony than a front pocket is the safest place to keep your wallet. Consider yourself warned, especially if you are traveling to a pick-pocket prone part of the world.

Sorry, I will turn the alliteration generator off now.

Travelon makes a good choice for travel because of the RFID shielding and the front pocket comfort. My only real wish with this wallet would be for a divider in the bill section. This is a boon for those instances when I am carrying two different kinds of currency.


The Travelon wallet blocked RFID emissions in my testing and was comfortable to carry. It is made of decent leather but that foil lining to protect your RFID credit cards is its most powerful feature. It is too small to hold a chipped passport so take a look at one of these pouches for that.

If you are carrying a chipped credit card this wallet could save your vacation. To paraphrase the AMEX ad, don’t leave home without it.


Safe ID Leather Front Pocket Wallet $30

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