Mar 12 2014

Travel Goods Show Highlights 2014

When Spring comes, many of our fancies turn to travel. After being cooped up inside for a couple of months we are stir crazy and ready to roam.

The Travel Goods Show is set up to debut all the stuff that you will need to make sure you are ready to fly around the country and globe in style and comfort.

As I toured around the show there were definitely some notable themes. Lighter luggage, oral care and a better travel pillow were options that kept coming up.

So, what stuck out to me? Glad you asked!

There are lots of travel toothbrush options, but VioLife’s Sonic Toothbrush called my name. I still have four wisdom teeth and getting them clean with a manual toothbrush is a slim chance. Seeing that they have a travel sized, sonic toothbrush that revs at 22,000 cycles and still fits in a portable package about the same size as a standard toothbrush was mind blowing. It runs a cool $15 and runs on a single AAA battery. Check out all the cool prints and colors for it on their website.


I have been a fan of the TravelHalo since it came out and they were showing some new colors and slightly improved design. They were also showing their “breathe healthy” anti-microbial face masks. Every video I see from Japan and China shows people wearing these walking around on the street, so they must know something we don’t.

Also interesting was the Restahead neck support. It is sort of a soft wedge that supports the curve between your neck and the base of your head. I am looking forward to trying it on the trip home.

Conair made my day by showing me the smallest dual USB car charger I have ever seen. Picture a tube of Chapstick with two USB outs on it and you have a good picture of its size. Did I mention that it will push 4.2 amps? That means it will charge two full sized iPads at the same time. This is finding its place in my permanent collection.

Lots and lots of cool bags get shown at the TGA show so it is hard to pick pieces that stand out…but that is my job.

Jill E Designs range of bags for Jack and Jill showed a great aesthetic with awesome practicality. I particularly liked the way their camera insert system would turn an innocuous looking backpack into a DSLR camera carrier without screaming “STEAL ME!!!”. Great functionality paired with good looks make for a winning combination.


If you are looking for a bit more attitude, than look no further than Ethnotek. Backpacks and messenger bags decorated with textiles that have been developed by Ethnotek partnering with artisan weavers from Ghana to Vietnam. Stunning and original they still manage to be practical and useful.


If bang for the buck is your interest than you cannot go wrong with LiteGear. They repeatedly showed me simple, elegant luggage that just worked. Every time they told me the price I would say, “No, not dealer price, retail,” and they would smile and pat me on the head. I cannot believe the quality they are putting out for the price they are quoting. I guess when you have the kind of industry experience they have, and apply it to starting your own business it can only be a good thing.


The crew over at Allett ran me through their “World’s thinnest wallets” collection. Slim and svelte AND RFID protecting, Can’t wait to slip my passport in this wallet and take it out for a ride.

Sitting Bridge showed me one of the most interesting accessories of the show: a personal armrest.

I assume you have been on that miserable flight. The one where you are in a middle seat between two WWE wrestlers who have taken personal possession of the armrest. Every time you drift off you relax you shoulders and your elbows collide with their rock hard biceps. Then they hurt you.

Sitting Bridge wants to save you from that. Their NapWrap can serve duty as an eye shield, an earwarmer/headband or strap your phone to your forearm. It can also save your life when you are stuck between those wrestlers.

It basically gives you a simple way to lock your arms together so that you don’t expand beyond your paltry middle seat space. Your own little virtual arm rest. Cannot wait to see how this works on a plane.

Lots of other stuff will come out of the TGA show but I wanted to give you a couple of quick highlights on what I saw this year.

Happy traveling in 2014!!


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