Jun 04 2012

Transit of Venus

OK, not that kind of Venus. Nor the “Men are From Mars” type either…

The once in a lifetime astro-planetary interface kind of transit of Venus.

Don’t think that just because this happened 8 years ago (across the sun’s southern hemisphere) that this is some crazy, common astro-event. This is solar system gold. In the 1700s it helped a bunch of astronomers work together to figure out our distance from the sun…because parallax is cool.

When I was growing up, I remember a lunar eclipse of the sun. I punched a pinhole in a piece of cardstock to watch the eclipse without having my eyes burned out of my head. A simple little pinhole projector to show you the process without the retinal burn in. That kind of thing will make your plasma display burn in seem like not so big a deal.

You could go all retro or you could go high-tech on Tuesday at around 5 PM CDT and click on this link to the Slooh space camera to watch it in a bit more resolution.

I will log on and check it out…but I think for the full impact, I may go full-bore retro. At least for a minute of two. I wonder if I can get the pin hole resolution high enough to actually see anything.

I will be the idiot in the parking lot with two index cards.

Poor idiot.

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