May 17 2012

Tough Day At Work

….but somebody has to do it!


Even if you are not playing it is a pretty good day at work when you spend it on a golf course.


I am helping man the Genelec hole ( #11 if you are in the area) at the AES charity golf tournament. My job today has primarily consisted of explaining the rules on the closest to the pin contest. No mulligans allowed, 191 yards, slightly downhill. Farther than it looks! Given the intoxication level of some of our contestants this is a harder job than it sounds like!

Winner takes home a pair of Genelec 6010. Current best is one cycle of 240hz away from the hole. This is about 56.5 inches away from the hole for the non-audio initiated..


Here is my vain attempt to tie this into the normal theme of my blog. Guess what bag I am currently working on a review of? Picture below is a really broad hint.


First person to guess it correctly will get two entries in my current Closet Cleanout Contest.


  1. macrogeek

    It looks like a Waterfield VertiGo.

  2. Jeff Mac

    We have a winner!

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