Aug 29 2013

Too Busy

There are certain things that convince me that our societal plunge into efficiency is more than we can or should cope with.

Pharmaceutical and herbal solutions to getting “better” sleep in the limited time you are unconscious come to mind.

The huge array of pre-processed food options also hit me pretty hard. Let’s take a moment to applaud the slow food movement!

Today though, I saw this while wandering to my gate in the Nashville Airport.


It occurs to me that the dynamics of a free market economy almost guarantee that there is a large core of people whom this will be their only opportunity to get a flu shot. I mean, if they are offering this than someone is buying…

Somehow and somewhen the Crackberry pace of life has put us on a frenetic race to the grave. This unbridled rush to the waterfall of completion seems to have us all aimed at our final destination.

So while I need to hear this as much as anyone on the planet, I am going to council that if you are reading this you pause, take a breath and think of someone today rather than your to do list.

Hug your wife, or dad or your child and turn the phone off. Listen to them without the demands of now and think of what they mean to you on an ongoing basis.

Your email will wait another couple of minutes, and that tweet will still be clever after lunch. Facebook is not life and your level of connectedness is not natural, it is trained so you can put it aside for a couple of moments.

Breathe deeply. Think about the infinite reaches of space and the simple kindnesses you can share. Think about the calm movements of river water or the susurrations of the sea.




Hard, isn’t it. Our minds whirl at such a multi-tasking pace that it is a challenge to stop, but we need to. Pray, or meditate or mentally pick lint from your navel, or whatever works for you.

A bare couple of moments appreciating what you have will make you realize how blessed you are. Your blood pressure will go down, and that rock of tension between your shoulder will unwind a bit.

Of course, if I get the flu, I won’t be able to do any of that.

Maybe that quickie clinic is not such a bad idea after all…

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  1. Doug

    Well said. Perspective is a good thing.

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