Oct 01 2011

Tom Bihn Camera Insert

According to the Blog on the Tom Bihn site the camera insert is getting close!

Just imagine what is around all this stuff...

Tom is keeping some info close to the chest, but according to what is printed, the camera insert will be available by February. Based on what Bihn says the insert will fit inside of, it is a safe guess to say the insert is about 15x12x4 inches and fits in a range of existing Tom Bihn bags but is best suited for the Brain Bag, Empire Builder, Ego and Super Ego.

Given TB’s obsessive pursuit of quality, it is no surprise that they are already talking about some “highly specialized laminations of foam and fabric” as a part of the design process. I don’t even know what that means but it sounds impressive!

They also snuck a picture up of the tripod bag…

All in all it looks like they have a very elegant solution coming and I can’t wait to see some real pictures!

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