Jun 11 2012

Time Does NOT Stand Still

It has been famously repeated that “Time waits for no man.” This is never so true as when you are on the road. Our bosses and clients expectations for response time to email seem to have no limits. We have bartered away all of our free time with the acceptance of smart phones.

While I tend to carry my own extra juice with me, it does seem that your battery is at its lowest ebb when you are most desperate to use it!

The limiting factor on the road is, of course, the battery on your device. Airports have been kind enough to start adding little charging areas in many gates so that you can fuel your devices capabilities.


But have you used one of these? Those fixed bar stools are conceived in some fever dream of Dante’s with the sole purpose of causing back strain and being short at least one working output for the business nomad desperate for juice.

Recently a PC World article covered the “tech friendliness” of the 40 busiest airports in the US.

Denver finished dead last in their rankings. 40 out of 40. The caboose. Truly purgatory for a traveling professional. Avoid at all costs.

Apparently, they read the same article I did because look what has sprung up at gate C36!


Now I think I can make that work! Decent space, lots of outlets a chair that doesn’t suck!

Thank you Denver International.

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