Jan 04 2012

Timbuk2 Break Up With Your Bag

Last years Timbuk2 booth..

“I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with thee, and then you throw the doggie poopie on her shoes…” -Steve Martin

Yes, I know poor reader. Merely seeing me write the phrase above in the title makes you wonder if some ne’er-do-well has co-opted my blog. Fear not, it is still me, as you will see.

Going to CES? (Check.)

Need a new bag? (Always Check!)

Want to support a great charity? (Once again, check.)

In that case you may want to make Booth #11 in the Central Plaza at CES your very first stop.

Timbuk2 is debuting their “Break Up With Your Bag” program and it works something like this.

You show up at their booth with something nice and presentable in a bag, but something you are weary of. A bag that you are convinced needs a new home.

With grateful tears in their eyes the staff at Timbuk2 will make arrangements to donate your bag to At The Crossroads, a worthy charity that cares for homeless youth and adults at their point of need. They provide support, counseling and partnership collaboration to people often overlooked by other charities.

You feel better already right?

“But Jeff,” you say. “What am I going to use to carry around the host of detritus that one accumulates at a trade show with my bag being donated to such an exemplary program?”

First of all, why do you talk that way? It just makes you sound like a poser.

Second, Timbuk2 has got you covered. They will sell you one of 4 of their choicest bags for a paltry $40. Then you get to carry it around CES and haul stuff to your heart’s and back’s content!

If you are a messenger fan your first option is the Command Messenger. It is a classic messenger with color coded zippers for the chronically forgetful.

The D-Lux Messenger is another option for a messenger and can any bag that features a “Laptop Love Glove” be anything but good?

If you are frequent flyer than the Control Laptop Case (which I reviewed here) is a great TSA compliant bag to get you through security on the fly. Given the terror of clearing security at McCarron after a trade show this one might be your first choice.

Need a backpack instead because you are techno-packrat? The Q Backpack is on the option card as well! It features Timbuk2’s trademark Swing Around access so you can get your laptop out of a pack you are wearing without throwing your shoulder out of socket.

So…to review.



Your old bag to charity.

Your $40 to Timbuk2 for a great bag at a deep discount!

Quantities are limited so make sure you make Timbuk2 your first stop on the tour (they are right out by registration anyway!) and tell ’em I sent you!

Can’t make it to CES? You can still recycle one of your bags and get 20% off of a brand new one!

Timbuk2 World Headquarters
583 Shotwell Street
San Francisco, CA 94110 USA
Contact Form:

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