Dec 07 2012

Tick, tick, tick… (gift guide!)

The season of getting giving is heating up at an alarming rate. There are 18 days until Christmas which probably means that I should start shopping. Santa is consulting his naughty list…as am I! Luckily, Santa has gone electronic and I hired a well known hacker to get my info taken off of his naughty list!

For a gadget geek, there is Christmas, then New Year’s and then CES. Sort of bam, bam, bam in a 3 week period all carefully laid out to skew your grasp of reality in one way or the other.

Apple launched the iPad Mini even though Mr. Jobs rather famously panned a tablet in that size and form factor. He might have had a point, except the iPad became the laptop of the late 2000’s. I have always been enamored of that size because it has the Goldilocks balance of big enough to get something done but small enough to always have with you.

I dove in with the Nexus 7 first (which is an excellent product) and have enjoyed the last month of comparing the pluses and minuses of both platforms. I am in the midst of a comparative write up but the best thing about both is that they are either on your technoids Christmas list or accessories for them are!

One of my favorites are the book cases that add some analog style and panache to the digital goodness of a tablet. One of my favorite companies for this are the fine folks over at Portenzo.

I reviewed their Composition book case for the Nexus a couple of months ago and right now I have my iPad Mini encase in the lovely Wingtip version with a stylus holder.

Lovely and practical, they integrate smart cover functionality and protect your device. Did I mention that they are also made in the heartland of the USA?

There is almost no one who will not benefit from a great piece of luggage. For my movey the most value comes out of a maximum carry on piece of luggage like the Tom Bihn Aeronaut. Light, tough as nails and with deployable back pack straps it is the kind of luggage that will take you around the world and keep you looking good for a very long time.

Or if you are feeling TRULY lazy and couch bound, how about an Amazon Gift Certificate? You can truly get nearly ANYTHING in the world on Amazon and if you are a Prime member the 2 day freight is on the house!

Well, there is a couple of quick ideas for you. Any great ones that you have to add to the equation?

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