Jan 01 2013

The Planning Is Half the Fun

I don’t know about you, but I have one major family vacation from my youth that is indelibly marked in my memory. It was a trip to Disneyland and San Diego and it was awesome. I met the mouse, rode Space Mountain when it was brand new and learned to sail in the San Diego Bay.

Going over the maps of Disney and figuring out all the tricks (turn left when you go into the park) was part of the process that made it even more fun.

I am looking at three daughters and realizing that this may be my last opportunity to do the major vacation experience so I am pulling the trigger for Spring Break this year.

Ever since the Royal Wedding my girls have been obsessively fixated on England. Then the Olympics came and ratcheted it up a level. Oh, and two of them are rabid 1Direction fans, so I have already been told we have to go see where Harry got his hair cut. Sigh.

There wasn’t really a choice where we were going, so instead of a big Christmas presents they got lots of presents that were hints. London Calling purses, umbrellas, Big Ben bracelet charms, tea and a kettle.

The last thing they got was a tube map, and an itinerary with our flight info.


I expected screaming and dancing but they were so overwhelmed they skipped over the hysterics and went straight to tears. I think they were excited…I know they were emotional. Based on their Twitter accounts I am pretty sure they are happy about it!

So, there will 5 days in London and a couple of days in Paris to cap it off. I have already started a Google Map with things to see and the girls are plotting their own additions as well. There will be more added by the girls but even based on this I am pretty sure there will be more stuff to do than time to do it in.


I am looking for some suggestions on places to eat. I need some places that are good that won’t break the bank for 5 people, as well as a couple of nice places.

My other priority is getting a pay as you go sim plan for my iPad Mini while I am over there. The last time I was in Europe I would take screen shots of maps of places I was visiting. This was less than fulfilling to say the least, and I am going to buy a couple of SIMs once I get over there. Currently, I am leaning towards Three, but I am open to suggestions if anyone has any input.

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