Jul 19 2012

The Lexicon of Tech

I was listening to a story on the radio talking about the recent hiring of Marissa Mayer as CEO of Yahoo.

One person interviewed about her commented on her personal “gravitas” The commentator even used the syntactically unclear sentence, “The reasons why the male geek is ascendant are complex.”

The interesting thing to me was the clip they played of Mrs. Mayer speaking. Her history and credibility speak to a blazing intellect but she speaks simply and clearly. I am sure she knows a thousand multi-syllabic words, but she didn’t seem to feel the need to prove that to us.

To me this is a great indication of her confidence. Too many tech-geeks are far too hung up on making sure you know just how smart they are. Their core insecurities come out as they are trying a bit too hard to prove their worth. In fact you might note my writing style as I try and convince you how smart I am!

Mrs. Mayer is terribly bright, very capable and pregnant. She seems to be able to balance her professional and personal lives with aplomb and relishes a challenge.

That is exactly what she has with Yahoo, because it is everything she is not. It is scattered, unfocused and doesn’t even seem to know what its core business is.

Since the bulk of its revenues come from advertisement sales, someone from Google (the king of this) is perfectly poised to be able to address the issues at Yahoo. At least if the company is in good enough shape to actually make a turnaround.

I look forward to seeing what she can accomplish!

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