Jan 07 2013

The Crush Begins


Nothing says Vegas like a cab line of doom. Off the plane this morning and into the crush of humanity that is pre-trade show chaos.

Monday is press event day where me and thousands of my cynical brethren pretend to be wowed by the latest thing, while surreptitiously looking for the best swag, a boxed lunch free of ecoli and a couple of gems of product that we had no hint of previously.

One press event down at RCA/Audiovox and now sitting listening to Patrick Lo, the chairman of Netgear about connecting the world in the easiest way. He says their mission for the next decade is to connect everything electrical in the house to the Internet. So, you know, your blender can text your besty and let them know that the margaritas are ready.


Not even lunch time today and the phone battery is already below 50%. Now, I need to add AC to my quest for lunch and water.

Vegas, baby.

The scale of CES is hard to get across. The press events fill up the Mandalay Bay convention area, the convention itself sprawls across the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, the Las Vegas Hotel, the Venetian convention center and a variety of other hotels strewn across the city.

Big. Really big. Easily the biggest trade show I have ever attended.

And I still can’t find a bathroom. Sigh.

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