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Nov 17 2013

STM Bags Grip For S4 Review

There is a certain minimalist appeal to a new smartphone with no case. Clean lines and nothing to interfere with how it is laid out. Nothing between you and your new toy. Then you drop your precious baby the first time and feel pain shoot out your toes. You need at least a bit of …

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Jun 06 2013

STM Linear iPad Bag Review

Review of the STM Linear iPad bag, a portrait cross shoulder bag for your iPad and other accessories

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Mar 24 2013

STM Cable Wrap Review

I carry far too much crap around. It is a kind of boy scout gone mad mentality that has me thinking, “Someone will be grateful that I have a spare 30 pin sync cable.” Yeah, right. Twice a year I dive into that bag of crap, spend 10 minutes untangling stuff and they drift off …

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