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Apr 23 2012

Cushy Seats With AC

Of course by AC I mean power and not air conditioning! DC as well if you can see the USB ports! Southwest is in the process of updating a bunch of seats in their boarding areas to comfy, gadget-friendly chairs. While not all of the gates in Nashville have been updated,. gate C19 has 6 …

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Mar 08 2012

Southwest Early Boarding

. One of my favorite tricks when flying on Southwest is their Early Bird boarding add on. If you are not familiar with Southwest (who I lovingly call the Greyhound of the Air, or Cattlecall Airlines) they have an “open seating policy”. This means that you get in line and grab any seat you see …

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Jan 13 2012

Southwest Airlines and the Extra Mile

So, while this is not a surprise to anyone in my bitstream, I am a dork. My latest demonstration of this is my inability to care for my brand new stuff. My sweet, precious, long-suffering wife gifted me a Kindle for Christmas. The VERY first trip that I took with it, I managed to leave …

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