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Dec 24 2011

Christmas Spirit

There are certain little pieces of entertainment that really trigger the holiday spirit for my family. We start watching Will Farrell’s Elf the day after Thanksgiving, typically while we are decorating the tree. Something about the mix of sweet and sappy in this movie,especially with Farrell’s earnest delivery, makes this the first movie we reach …

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Nov 25 2011

HostGator Friday!

Have you been considering starting a blog but are overwhelmed by the pain and angst of setting up hosting, installing WordPress and all the variety of technocrap that go along with it all? Have I got a CyberBlack 1 day deal for YOU! HostGator runs my site and they consistently make my life easy. For …

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Aug 29 2011

What Should I Get My Girlfriend?!?

The HuffPost has an article up on a site that will pick a present for your girlfriend, ostensibly so you don’t have to put all that thought and effort into getting a gift card at Target or Macy’s. Certainly it’s not because you don’t know how to buy a gift for your girlfriend…oh, no. I …

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Jul 28 2011

I Got Dibz On That!

See the thumbs up in the above image? Yeah, its just part of their logo but I still think Citydibz.com it is pretty cool! Pardon me good sir. Can you tell me, what is a Dibz? A Dibz is a whisper and a dream. It’s something you have, and something you call, but not with …

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Jul 17 2011


200 million tweets a day…holy moley! Read about the growth of the service on the poster up here at TechCrunch. It is amazing to me that something that is essentially posting your facebook status could grow this much and be put to so many disaparate uses. I need to find the article about using Twitter …

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Jun 22 2011

iPad Facebook App

Oh, joy. From Gadgetmedia. Now that there will be an iPad app for Facebook my life is complete.

Jun 11 2011

Internet Shame Insurance

OK, I found this on Lifehacker today. Internet Shame Insurance is a plug in designed with one thing in mind. CYA. That is right. It’s job is simply to remind you that posting from a bar in the French Quarter that you are 17 shots in is not such a good idea. “Reply All” insurance …

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