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Feb 04 2015


I was watching a bit of Good Morning America today while getting ready for work. Bad idea, I know. They had an interview with the inventor of the hashtag who was positing that non-monogamy was the wave of the future… I have to say that while I agree that the prevalence of social media today …

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Jan 15 2013


Well, I have to say that this was not what I expected FaceBook to announce today. “Graph Search” is their system to access the info that many of us use to make social decisions currently with FaceBook. Where do I want to eat FaceBook? Where do my friends like to hang out FaceBook? What is …

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Dec 13 2012

Consumer Trends

Consumer research data is always interesting but it is not always useful… I found a couple of nuggets of “hmm” in the infographic below from the research crew at Ericsson. For instance, point 4 that mobile network coverage is the fourth most important driver of satisfaction with urban life? I mean, I have been known …

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Aug 11 2012

KLM Wants My Twitter Handle

This is a first for me… I was signing up for a KLM frequent flyer account and in a first for me, they asked me for my Twitter handle. They needed it as a contact detail…so they could, you know, tweet to me that I am completely screwed because my flight is leaving without me. …

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Jul 14 2012

Amazon to Invoke Time Machine Clause

Well, OK, that might be stretching it a bit, but according to Geeky Gadgets they are working on extending their distribution outlets to be able to offer same day delivery. Amazon has already made agreements with several states to begin collecting tax in those states and as the Verge has pointed out more traditional retailers …

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May 02 2012

Conspiracy Theory

Cult of Mac has let us in on the fact that Facebook is not the only company trying to get in on the act of buying photo sharing apps. So, to get into the act, I’d like to announce that I’ve actually entered into negotiations with Kodak to buy the troubled company. I’ve offered $11, …

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Apr 27 2012

Subscribe To My Blog

So…you know I am supposed to be like…technical? I am…really. No, seriously. I apparently just need to go to WordPress school. The Blog Subscription plug-in that I was working with is apparently flawed. Sort of like that parrot in the Monty Python skit. By which I mean it was completely, and utterly non-functional. I have …

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Apr 09 2012

Dear Mister Zuckerburg

Dear Mister Zuckerburg, First of all, I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on the upcoming nuptials between Facebook and Instagram. I know you must be very proud and since they have that whole, you know, picture thing in common I am sure that it will be a blissfully happy union. You …

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Feb 27 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

I had a lovely, low-key birthday. Celebrated with my lovely wife and beautiful daughters, it was a study in contentment. I had a couple of small presents and some Mexican food. As a Land of Enchantment expatriate, good mexican food is MY comfort food! I even got to hear my middle daughter sing in a …

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Social Media Explained

From my buddy at the technologytherapist.net

This about sums it up!

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