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Aug 26 2012

Streaming Roku- Not a Tropical Bird

Have you been struggling with which platform of video streaming box to use? XBOX, PS3 and Wii all have good options…if you can pry them away from your kids. The Roku platform is among the easiest to set up and gives you access to the widest range of services from Netflix and Hulu to Crackle …

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May 20 2012

Dads and Grads Gift Ideas

It is the time of year when graduation announcements begin piling up on the desk in our kitchen. Family and friends and the occasional random person (is that Jimmy’s nephew?) send thinly veiled requests for presents with pretty pictures and fonts. Oh yeah…what the heck are we going to get for Dad? Father’s Day is …

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Dec 11 2011

Cutting the Cable

Another guest post from the iconic Theodore J Bahas, ESQ. We we finally did it. We cut the cable! We were giving the local cable company 2400.00 a year for our cable package. That works out to over 6.50 per day! It was big jump for us to walk away from DVR and on demand …

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