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Apr 17 2012

Rickshaw iPad Messenger Bag Review

A trip to Europe for 8 days presented me with a bit of a conundrum. I needed a day bag that would cover me for three days of trade show and five days of touristing with the primary goal of carrying my new iPad plus the other stuff that I needed to schlep around. Luckily, …

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Apr 12 2012

Half Off of a Rickshaw Commuter 2.0!?!?

Once upon a time there were two original Rickshaw Commuter bags that loved each other very much. They were capable and functional and proud of what they were. They contributed to Bay area society by helping people carry stuff in style and comfort. They were a couple that had a handle on the future. So …

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Mar 28 2012

Rickshaw Bags Smartphone Folio Review

( Please forgive the awful pictures, they were taken on a trans-Atlantic flight, but I wanted to get this up while the deal was on) The Smartphone Folio is a perfect little product from the crew at Rickshaw. It is made from the same high quality materials that their bags and packs are and it …

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Mar 19 2012

Rickshaw iPad Sleeve Review

A brand, spanking new iPad arrived at my door on Friday afternoon! Yours probably did too, and even if it didn’t there are already 114,352 reviews of the iPad online that either say: “It is the best piece of technology I have ever owned. I wept when I opened the box. It even cured my …

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Feb 29 2012

In The Springtime…

A young man’s heart turns to love when the chill comes out of the air. Of course, there wasn’t much of a winter here for me in Banjoland but I think it is biologically programmed into our bloodstreams and genetics to get restless and engage in wanderlust this time of year! If you are anything …

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Feb 15 2012

Rickshaw Backpack Deal

In a bit of post-Valentines sugar coma induced generosity Rickshaw Bagworks is giving you a jump on a great deal on their excellent Commuter 2.0 bag for only $99! This includes all versions and variations! I reviewed the Commuter Backpack version late last year and as usual with Rickshaw it was over the top! This …

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Nov 15 2011

Rickshaw Bags Backpack 2.0 Review

As a friend of mine is fond of saying “People fall into two categories. Those that divide things into categories and those that don’t.” While that is only marginally germane to my topic today it does let me talk about the category that I fall into: the “I might need that” category. I can trim …

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Aug 18 2011

Rickshaw Bags Zero Messenger Review

I have a thing about “out of the box” experience. I love that feeling of opening a package up and seeing your precious, obsessed-over piece of purveyed commercialism nestled there waiting for the touch of your greedy little hands! I love it even more when there is that little bit of something extra in the …

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