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Jun 25 2013

Barnes and Noble Grieves the Nook

According to the reliable AllthingsD, Barnes and Noble is going to give up on competing with the iPad and the Kindle Fire. They are going to continue production of the black and white e-reader versions but they are playing Taps over the color versions as they cede the field to Amazon and Apple. Alas poor …

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Aug 14 2012

Nook Panic

Do you get the feeling that Barnes and Noble might be a touch reactive to the Nexus 7? NOOK Colorâ„¢ – Award-Winning NOOK Colorâ„¢ now just $149 and ships free! This price reduction certainly looks like a chicken little response to the Nexus 7. So, at the $199 price point would you rather have Bluetooth …

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Jun 28 2012

Summer Reading

If you are looking for some Summer reading technology, Barnes and Noble is willing to bribe incentivize you to invest in one of their Nook Tablets. The 16 Gig version will net you free shipping and score you a $30 gift card to buy you a couple of blockbusters to load your new tablet up …

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Apr 13 2012

New Nook

Previously, you have only had the choice of eye strain and being able to read at night or easy on the eyes but annoying to your sleeping spouse. OK, that is a radical oversimplification but backlit displays can definitely make extended reading uncomfortable. Reading with the light on can annoy your bed partner. So what …

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