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Jul 22 2011

Lion Audio Apps Compatibility

Nice to see that someone is collecting a compatibility list for audio and musical apps with OSX Lion. Sweetwater sound has a pretty comprehensive list on their site here. As I feared most audio geeks should hold off on the upgrade for the moment…

Jul 18 2011

All Kinds of Iclips!

My friends over at Mintgadget have a piece up on a new micstand mount for the iPhone here. It has some clever engineering to allow you to adjust the angle and orientation and underlines what a significant musical creation platform iOS is becoming. Of course, if the display is a little small there are also …

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Jul 13 2011

Songify – Talent Optional

Songify is truly silly but at least it is somewhat amusing. I had somebody walk up to me today and shove an iPhone in my face. “Say something,” and of course I was dumb enough to oblige. This is what came out. I was amused, and than appalled and than amused…well, you get the cycle. …

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Jun 28 2011

Free Money Makes Me SING!

Well, not quite free money, but you can go here on Amazon to get a free $2 credit on Amazon’s music service! No purchase is necessary, but you must have an Amazon account, which is sort of like saying you have to have skin in its level of ubiquity. Click on the link and enter …

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Jun 19 2011

AOL Play + Yahoo Play= Media Fight?

This was over on Techcrunch and it made me chuckle. I think I have actually been in a development meeting with these guys! Imagine if either AOL or Yahoo had actually reused an Apple product name… In a related story, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, RIM and Fisher Price are all preparing to launch their own music …

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Jun 08 2011

iPod Gramophone Dock

If something has an Apple iPod connector on it can it possibly be described as “throwback”? My buddies over at Mintgadget have always got something interesting up on their website but I have to admit I really am taken by this. PLEASE don’t tell my wife that I like something from Pottery Barn!! The picture …

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Jun 02 2011

Performance Art

I believe the title to be “He asked me to marry him today”. She assured us, her close personal audience, that the title would be obvious in its irony if we knew the current state of her love life. 😉 Rachel Santi, artist and poet and John Ripley, pianist and composer.

Apr 26 2011

…and now for something slightly different!

I thought I would post something a bit different, a bit melancholy and a bit retrospective today. If you know me, or have bothered to read the about me tab on my blog, you know that I was, at one point a professional songwriter. Of course this basically means that I drank coffee for a …

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