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Dec 18 2014


Getting a decent meal at a restaurant half the time would have you striking that place off of your list forever. Winning 50 percent of your games in college football won’t get you to the championship, but it will get you to a bowl game. Batting 500 in baseball would be pretty amazing. Winning the …

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Sep 20 2012

iPhone Expansion

It must be a Kickstarter kind of week here at Restless Tech! The crew over at Mind of the Geek tipped me off to this multi-function case for the iPhone. The case adds an SD card reader, expanded battery and low light flash to the iPhone. That is what I call extending the usability of …

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Aug 17 2012

CruxSkunk on Kickstarter

There are people who have accused me of being QWERTY obsessed. These people show good judgement! All the good keyboard oriented URLs are committed, so I will continue to go by Restless Tech. That brings me to the Kickstarter project that caught my eye recently. The CruxSkunk, while a ludicrously silly name, looks like a …

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