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Jul 09 2012

Adonit Writer Plus Review

Last year I got the opportunity to review the original Adonit Writer for my first generation iPad. I found it to be a huge productivity boost and it was a holy grail moment for me. Of course, that was 2 iPads ago! Moving to the new generation iPad has given me the opportunity to play …

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Jun 19 2012

Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Review

I upgraded to the latest, greatest iPad last month. I have been accused of being an Apple fanboy but in my defense, I really wanted needed the better screen resolution and more powerful processor in the new iPad. I use the iPad exclusively when I travel and I am using it in the office as …

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Jun 08 2012


OK..yes, I know I have an issue with keyboards for smart devices, but no one can deny the rampant cool of this: I owned a Celio RedFly when I had a WinMo phone (google that and shudder) but this is what I was looking for! MacBook Air styling, keyboard, big display for the smartphone and …

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May 28 2012

Cpeel iPad Keyboard Case Review

Do you have an iPad but are suffering from MacBook Air envy? Cpeel is aiming this straight at you! I saw this MacBook looking case as an article on one of the Mac news website and was immediately intrigued. A keyboard and an extended battery all in a package that looked truly cool. How sexy …

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May 07 2012

I Am All Thumbs

After a weekend of being forced to communicate primarily by text I have come to a significant conclusion. It stinks. So, in a fit of retail therapy I ordered one of the Matias One keyboards. The One is both a wired USB and a Bluetooth keyboard in the same package so at the touch of …

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Apr 27 2012

Yet Another BT Keyboard for iPad

Yes, I know you are tired of my addiction to keyboards for iPads. I am deeply sorry for the trauma I am causing you on this front. Really…well, at least a little. Ok, I guess if I were really, TRULY sorry I would quit writing about keyboards…but I just can’t. Sigh. So, in that vein, …

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Apr 17 2012

Rickshaw iPad Messenger Bag Review

A trip to Europe for 8 days presented me with a bit of a conundrum. I needed a day bag that would cover me for three days of trade show and five days of touristing with the primary goal of carrying my new iPad plus the other stuff that I needed to schlep around. Luckily, …

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Apr 15 2012

Case Logic IKBT-50 Bluetooth Keyboard Review

I know you are tired of hearing about my maudlin fascination with keyboard devices. While have repeatedly blamed this addiction on my poor handwriting, I am currently seeing a therapist in regards to this. I know that makes you feel better! He assures me that this haptic need of mine is actually founded in some …

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Apr 04 2012

iKeyboard Review

As I have mentioned before I have keyboard issues. Well, I have lots of issues, ( just ask my long-suffering wife) but the particular issues that I am referring to today are rooted in my truly abysmal handwriting. I actually LIKED Grafitti on the original Palm units because it would convert my hideous scrawl into …

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Apr 03 2012

Jorno Keyboard RIP

As anyone who has wasted any of their life on reading this site, I have one very serious addiction. Keyboards. OK, well two addictions, bags and keyboards. Well, maybe a couple more as well…but, once again, I digress. Relative to that, the pre-order status date for the Jorno keyboard has come and gone and it …

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