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Jun 29 2012

Google Driven

Because you can never be too rich, too pretty or have too much online storage… Google Drive is the monolith’s response to iCloud and it grants you 5 Gig of free storage and document perusal from multiple platforms. On the same page as DropBox, Amazon’s CX service, Box.com and Microsoft SkyDrive it gives you the …

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Jun 26 2012

Cell Drive Cellink Review

Cell Drive makes a range of multifunction products that combine storage and charging technologies. This is a good thing because I eat batteries for lunch and I am a BIG fan of things that do more than one thing. Purpose driven gadgets may be efficient but they are BORING!!! They sent me samples of their …

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May 07 2012

I Am All Thumbs

After a weekend of being forced to communicate primarily by text I have come to a significant conclusion. It stinks. So, in a fit of retail therapy I ordered one of the Matias One keyboards. The One is both a wired USB and a Bluetooth keyboard in the same package so at the touch of …

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Apr 15 2012

Case Logic IKBT-50 Bluetooth Keyboard Review

I know you are tired of hearing about my maudlin fascination with keyboard devices. While have repeatedly blamed this addiction on my poor handwriting, I am currently seeing a therapist in regards to this. I know that makes you feel better! He assures me that this haptic need of mine is actually founded in some …

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Apr 13 2012

Aviiq Portable Charging Station

Speaking as someone who has destroyed, lost or left behind more than a couple of device chargers in my travels and travails, there is something very appealing about the Aviiq Charging Station. The case zips up around a powered hub that will charge up to 4 devices, including one iPad and has a single pass …

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Apr 03 2012

Jorno Keyboard RIP

As anyone who has wasted any of their life on reading this site, I have one very serious addiction. Keyboards. OK, well two addictions, bags and keyboards. Well, maybe a couple more as well…but, once again, I digress. Relative to that, the pre-order status date for the Jorno keyboard has come and gone and it …

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Mar 30 2012

WaterField Muzetto Outback- “YOU MUST PAY THE RENT!”

I am not typically a forwarder of YouTube videos but I thought the crew at WaterField did a rather clever job in loving parody/homage to The Artist. I wonder how many stacks of twenty dollar bills would fit in a Muzetto Outback?

Jan 13 2012

Cloud Drives: Can You Have Too Many?

The Cloud by Percy Bysshe Shelley I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers, From the seas and the streams; I bear light shade for the leaves when laid In their noonday dreams. From my wings are shaken the dews that waken The sweet buds every one, When rocked to rest on their mother’s breast, …

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Jan 04 2012

CES 2012

So I am putting the last couple of details down for my pilgrimage to CES next week and it occurred to me I should ask YOU, “Is there anything you want me to check out for you?” I am planning on posting as much as I can about the goings on while I am there …

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Jan 03 2012

Extending My Apple TV

OK, I jumped through a couple of hoops today. First of all, frustrated with the limitations imposed on my Apple TV, I performed a jailbreak on it using Seas0nPass by FireCore. It is an untethered Jailbreak for AppleTV 4.4.4 which actually uses iTunes to create a restore file. There is a good how to doc …

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