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Nov 21 2012

Portenzo Black Friday!

I just got my iPad Mini and it is happily nestled in a new Portenzo Wingtip case. Yes, I will have a review soon! I opted for the stylus compartment on this case and you may want to as well. In fact, Portenzo has a silly deal planned for Black Friday… This Friday at 12:01 …

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Sep 05 2012

WaterField Nexus7 Travel Express Case Review

There are lots of things that choosing an Apple product grants you. One of the most significant is the HUGE range of accessory options out there for the iPhone and iPad. You could pick up a new case at WalMart if you were in a lurch but there is no guarantee that you could do …

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Aug 27 2012

Portenzo Nexus 7 Case Review

I have one of those brutal trips that involves a flight to Europe, for a two city jaunt over a weekend, coming up. Leave on a Thursday, arrive in Amsterdam on a Friday, spend the day at a trade show. Leave on Saturday for London, spend Sunday at a trade show, fly home on Monday. …

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Aug 24 2012

Portenzo Case Teaser

I have been running a new Nexus 7 through its paces over the last couple of weeks as I am preparing a review and you just can’t carry a naked tablet around if you are as klutzy as I am. It is so nice to see some good accessories for tablet that doesn’t start with …

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Aug 14 2012

Nook Panic

Do you get the feeling that Barnes and Noble might be a touch reactive to the Nexus 7? NOOK Colorâ„¢ – Award-Winning NOOK Colorâ„¢ now just $149 and ships free! This price reduction certainly looks like a chicken little response to the Nexus 7. So, at the $199 price point would you rather have Bluetooth …

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Jul 28 2012

Roku or Apple TV?

I updated my MacBook to Mountain Lion this week and so far, so good. There is definitely a theme of unification between OSX and iOS with the Apploids newest release. Notification center, the cloud, reminders and notes all play nicely at the OS level with Mountain Lion. The killer feature though may be AirPlay. I …

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Jul 19 2012

The Lexicon of Tech

I was listening to a story on the radio talking about the recent hiring of Marissa Mayer as CEO of Yahoo. One person interviewed about her commented on her personal “gravitas” The commentator even used the syntactically unclear sentence, “The reasons why the male geek is ascendant are complex.” The interesting thing to me was …

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Jun 08 2012


OK..yes, I know I have an issue with keyboards for smart devices, but no one can deny the rampant cool of this: I owned a Celio RedFly when I had a WinMo phone (google that and shudder) but this is what I was looking for! MacBook Air styling, keyboard, big display for the smartphone and …

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Apr 03 2012

Jorno Keyboard RIP

As anyone who has wasted any of their life on reading this site, I have one very serious addiction. Keyboards. OK, well two addictions, bags and keyboards. Well, maybe a couple more as well…but, once again, I digress. Relative to that, the pre-order status date for the Jorno keyboard has come and gone and it …

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Feb 28 2012

iPad3 Rumors Frothing Like Cappucino

From 9to5mac we have the announcement of Apple’s press invite and the staggering .81mm thickness difference between the iPad2 and iPad3. From Cultofmac we have the apparent lack of a home button and Apple’s apparent snarkiness in breaking with tradition to announce the press release 8 days early rather than 7 days early to mess …

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