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Oct 26 2011

Mac Software Deal

Well, I am not sure about making your “Mac driven life a thousand times better” but I do have to confess that the guys over at Cult of Mac have put together a pretty compelling package of software for only $49! If you are not a Mac person…I am afraid my experience is somewhat limited …

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Jul 13 2011


Yeah, I know it is the same game as last year. Yeah, I know that the NCAA is taking advantage of semi-pro amateur “student athletes” by cashing in their images without paying them (well, except for Cam Newton of course ;)). So, why do I still want to add 2K12 to my collection? Maybe just …

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Jul 13 2011

Bluetooth Support for Apple TV

Per 9to5Mac.com the next rev of iOS will add bluetooth support for the AppleTV set top box. As the article points out this may potentially open the door for iOS apps on the AppleTV platform. This is hardly a leap in thought or concept. I think the obvious jump here is to gaming. Your iPhone …

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Jun 12 2011

Nice youtube review site

Connected on Twitter with @jsteintech who has a host of videos up. They range from reviews to unboxings and some good tip based stuff. His channel is here and it is definitely worth taking a trip over to see. He has Mac, ipad, Android and gaming stuff as his main focus.

Jun 08 2011

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

I think I know what I want for Christmas. Assassin’s Creed has always been one of the most visually stunning games out there and they continue to develop a compelling story line. The trailer/teaser of the new chapter is up on Geeky Gadgets site here.

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