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Jul 14 2011

Why I Love Tom Bihn

Not in a creepy, stalk your ex-girlfriend sort of way…well, maybe a little like that! I love them because they are a high ideals, made by hand, no compromises company. They make durable, well thought out products that will last forever, and they make them locally. They care about the environment, and their dogs and …

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Jul 11 2011

Oh, Hey Jeff, I Love That Crap You Write!!

Every single day somebody, stops me on the street, calls me or emails to say something like.. “Oh,hey! Mr Jeff Mac of Nashville TN you amazing tech-boy you, I love that crap you write on your website! I wish I could support you some, so you would write some crap about XYZ piece of gear …

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Apr 16 2011

Mr Pickles the Skype Corsair

Oh man, I thought I was frugal and creative but this is awesome! The combination of technologies to get to take calls for nearly free in a foreign country is really impressive! Mr Pickles blog I am a fan of Skype for saving big money on international calls. It works well across a bunch of …

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