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Dec 17 2013

Procrastinators Gift Guide

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking..HOLY CRAP CHRISTMAS IS HOW FAR AWAY?!?!?!?!?! I know you are thinking this because I myself woke up in a cold sweat last night and realized I had acquired precisely two gifts so far. Two. Oh. Crap. So here are a couple of ideas for those of …

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Jun 10 2013

Maybe a Nook For Dad for His Day?

Barnes and Noble have thrown some pretty aggressive deals around in the past, but this one may be the silliest I have seen . Expandable memory, a faster processor and full access to the Google Play store gets the Nook the nod over the Kindle Fire. A higher res screen than the iPad Mini and …

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Jun 06 2013

STM Linear iPad Bag Review

Review of the STM Linear iPad bag, a portrait cross shoulder bag for your iPad and other accessories

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Nov 22 2012

Nook Simple Touch Black Friday Deal

If you are the type that actually gets out on Black Friday (OH, THE HORROR!!) than this in-store only deal at Barnes and Noble is among the sillier ones that have blown through my inbox this season. Barnes and Noble continues to fight a valiant fight against Goliath (as played by Amazon) and their Kindle …

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Oct 27 2012

Internet Rule # 1

The first rule of the internet is that if it is free, it is probably worth what you paid for it. Luckily, every rule has an exception, and in this case the rule gets completely broken. I know this really smart guy. Tim Miles. He wrote a really good book on marketing, because he knows …

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Jul 14 2012

Amazon to Invoke Time Machine Clause

Well, OK, that might be stretching it a bit, but according to Geeky Gadgets they are working on extending their distribution outlets to be able to offer same day delivery. Amazon has already made agreements with several states to begin collecting tax in those states and as the Verge has pointed out more traditional retailers …

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Jun 29 2012

Summer Rickshaw Lovin’

For some of us, nothing says love like curling up with a good book by the pool, at the beach or even in the backyard hammock. If you are anything like me though, it is a fifty-fifty decision whether I read on paper or something electronic. I actually like the flexibility of having a whole …

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Jun 28 2012

Summer Reading

If you are looking for some Summer reading technology, Barnes and Noble is willing to bribe incentivize you to invest in one of their Nook Tablets. The 16 Gig version will net you free shipping and score you a $30 gift card to buy you a couple of blockbusters to load your new tablet up …

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May 16 2012

Portenzo iPad Case Review

Books, pen and paper, typesetting and ink. They are all on a long, slow death spiral. Traditional publishing is on a collision course with the e-universe that seems fated to end in a fatal spray of fonts and kerning. Ergo, book binding with its requisite physical trappings of paper and cloth is on a similar …

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Apr 23 2012

Fodors iOS Guides for Free!

Not sure of the time frame on these but Fodor’s has marked down several of their iOS city guides to FREE (my favorite price!) This includes Barcelona, London, New York City, Paris, Rome and San Francisco. Thanks to Moriond over at Tombihn Forums for the tip on this!

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