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Aug 18 2013

Eagle Creek Adventure Weekender Review

The Eagle Creek Adventure Weekender is just about perfect for its intended task of getting away for a couple of days with everything you need.

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Jul 25 2013

Eagle Creek Wants to Send YOU to New Zealand!

Need a break from the summer heat? Alongside the toilets rotating the opposite direction, the Southern Hemisphere is considerate enough to schedule Winter during our Summer. Powerfully refreshing during the painful heat and humidity we have been suffering lately. If you and a friend need an escape than Eagle Creek would like to oblige you. …

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Mar 11 2013

Travel Goods Association Show 2013

Vegas was the center of the universe for the travel industry at the 2013 Travel Goods Association show last week. The TGA is a gathering of all the “Who’s who” in the industry as the manufacturers and retailers get together to plan their year and ruminate on how the previous one closed out. It is …

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