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Aug 12 2016

Chromebooks suck a little less

Google has lots of ideas…sometimes more than they can actually implement so we have seen Glass come and go as well as a host of other wacky product ideas from the boys in Mountain View. Some of them have stuck around even when it didn’t seem like they should. Strangely, Chromebooks are getting a little …

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Jul 12 2014

STM Grip For MacBook Air Review

I tend towards minimalism when I travel. I try to carry everything on a plane when fly, so a couple of ounces here and there really add up when you are carrying everything on your shoulder or back. Because of this I will often choose to take just a smartphone or a tablet on a …

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Oct 16 2013

Cloud Computing & File Sharing For Growing Businesses

Each and every year, the business world adopts newer technologies and increasingly efficient online practices. From individuals starting private businesses on the Internet, to established, enormous companies, the need for the newest technologies is the same – the world is moving quickly, and only the most advanced programs and equipment are able to keep up. …

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Sep 28 2013

Altego Polygon Messenger Review

It is hard to complain about a bag that does all this and comes in under $100.

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Sep 03 2013

Microsoft Buys Nokia

The last time Microsoft bought a phone company, it didn’t go so well. The took the preciously hip Danger and turned it into something that nobody wanted. Quite a coup, wouldn’t you say?

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Aug 26 2013

How To Choose A Tablet

The best tip I can leave you with is this: The latest and greatest will come at a premium in the land of tablet computing. If it serves your needs, it does not matter whether you buy new or used.

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Aug 20 2013

Freedom Pop Review

This article originally appeared at Living on the Cheap The allure of something free: It tempts us, taunts us and beckons us closer. New wireless Internet provider FreedomPop is another of those crazy startup companies that is trying change the rules on how we access the Internet. As you can guess from the company’s name, “FREE” …

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Jul 26 2013

Google Chromecast Review

You have to love it when the technorazzi don’t see something coming and most of us were surprised when Google pulled the tiny Chromecast widget out of their bag of tricks along with the expected refresh of the Nexus 7. The Chromecast is not a radically new idea. Streaming across WiFi to an HDMI port …

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Jul 13 2013

ChromeBook Review

This article was originally on Living on the Cheap Google is nearly everywhere. It is an Internet company of monstrous proportions and it is hard to believe that it has insinuated itself so completely into our lives in a mere 16 years. Think about that … there was no Google before 1997. Google search, YouTube, …

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Jul 10 2013

WaterField Suede Jacket Sleeve Review

waterfield sleeve

WaterField has a gift for elegant simplicity. Gary’s obsession with Apple products has left him with a taste for clean lines and form that is driven by function. The suede laptop jackets are perfect examples of that. A soft, perfectly sized envelope of suede is configured specifically for your MacBook or MacBook Air. They have …

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