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Jun 06 2013

Starbucks Beverage for a Buck

Coffee…mmmm! Caffeine is your friend on a Friday where you need to get one more thing done before you power into the weekend. Starbucks wants to do their part! On June 7th you can pick your self up an iced tea, iced coffee or a refresher beverage for a cool one dollar! You are welcome! …

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Mar 30 2013


There is something civilized about train travel. The smoothness,the mild rocking of the cars, the deceptive speed. Civilized. Very civilized. Which was in marked contrast to the fire drill that I led us on getting to St. Pancras station (home of platform 9 3/4) to get on that sedate, yet speedy transport. It should have …

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Mar 16 2013


The first day across the pond is always hard. An overnight flight and hopping right into the touristing makes for a bit of jet-lagged bleariness as you stare slack-jawed at things you have only seen in pictures before. My best advice for dealing with jet lag? Set your watch to the time at your destination …

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Feb 10 2013

Et Tu, Tu Go?

I am not much of a rolling luggage guy, but I do appreciate a clever idea. Have you ever been hurrying through the airport having just bought a Venti, pumpkin spice, extra shot, skinny, Mocha Latte with light foam only to dump most of it on the floor in the do-si-do to get your self …

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Aug 18 2012

The Southern- A Restaurant Report

The Southern is an extension of the restaurant and catering company of Tom Morales. With brands like Loveless Cafe and Saffire and his own TomKats catering company it’s not like he has to prove anything to anyone. To me though, the Southern looks to be his way of making a statement. It is an intriguing …

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May 02 2012

Decca A Restaurant Report

An evening in Louisville gave me the opportunity to try a new place to dine. Decca is not just new to me, but truly new to the area. They have been open since March 15th of 2012 and are headed up by a pair of chefs from San Francisco. Since SF is one of my …

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Dec 14 2011

Serpentine- A Restaurant Report

I had a couple of things to do in the Dogpatch neighborhood of SF and somebody recommended I try out Serpentine at the corner of 22nd and 3rd. I hopped on the web and made a 12:30 reservation. Yes, I realize that making a lunch reservation makes me hopelessly pretentious but I am a motivated …

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Nov 24 2011

Olives in Nassau- A Restaurant Report

I have just survived my first cruise experience. A four-day Carnival Funship trip from Jacksonville to the Bahamas and back. Cruising was not quite what I expected. The food and entertainment were better than I thought they would be. The crowds and summer camp type schedule were actually worse than I thought they would be…but …

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Nov 23 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I know that you are awfully busy this year, so I thought I would try to make it a bit easier on you by sending you a note over the ether with some web links to some stuff that I want so you could just…well, you know…mail order them on Black Friday and …

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Nov 09 2011

Thanksgiving Blend

I have a love/hate relationship with Starbucks. I love the mobile office aspect, the free wi-fi and the atmosphere. The coffee you say? Meh. I am a Peet’s Bean fan and I think there was a noticeable decline in the quality when Peet left off doing the roasting of the beans for them. Having said …

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