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Sep 10 2013

Tilley TO55 Orbit Hat Review

Persnicketiness must mean that you make something with a ridiculous attention to detail, because that is apparent in everything that goes into a Tilley.

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Aug 19 2013

Sea to Summit Shirt Folder Review

Rumpled is a fine look on vacation, but it doesn’t work so well on a business trip.

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Mar 11 2013

Travel Goods Association Show 2013

Vegas was the center of the universe for the travel industry at the 2013 Travel Goods Association show last week. The TGA is a gathering of all the “Who’s who” in the industry as the manufacturers and retailers get together to plan their year and ruminate on how the previous one closed out. It is …

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Aug 20 2012

Otigear-A New Addiction?

The crew over at Practical Travel Gear tipped me off to a line of travel and tech clothing that I had not heard of: Otigear. They have a whole range of shirts, pants and outerwear with hidden pockets for all your “techcessities”. Their pitch is all about “Crossover” apparel. Which I suppose would make them …

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Jul 18 2012

New Tom Bihn Travel Stuff Sacks

I have to confess that I am kind of an idiot when it comes to travel and packing accessories. I am even more of an idiot when it comes to a company like Tom Bihn, who makes great stuff here in the USA! Of course, I don’t mean like clueless, but more like Steve Martin …

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May 30 2012

Silly and Pointless

…but still wonderful. If you haven’t been by Snorgtees in a while you are missing out. My current favorite: Vapid and generally silly, sometimes embarrassing but never, NEVER boring! A couple of other great ones… My favorite sort on the site is the geeks and nerds one.

Apr 22 2012

Clothing Arts P Cubed Travel Pants

I was Twitterpating ( what is the real verb for browsing around on Twitter?) and came across Clothing Arts and their line of travel pants and shorts. They are billed as pick pocket proof pants ( holy alliteration Batman!) which is highly desirable in lots of places. Public transport in a lot of major European …

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Feb 14 2012


Magnets are the word of the day! Just had a new “Made in the USA” company brought to my attention. Of course, to confuse things they have an Italian name! Portenzo is a case company that uses traditional bookbinding techniques to make a range of striking cases for tablets and the iPhone. Their newest twist …

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Jan 12 2012

Tom Bihn Travel Tray Review

Do you know that sick feeling? The one where you reach in your pocket for something you really need and you can picture it on the top of the dresser in the hotel. The hotel that is now 300 miles in your rear-view mirror. Anyone who travels regularly knows that feeling. Unfortunately, your options are …

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Jan 09 2012

Vaya Bags Founder Interview

Just before the holidays someone brought a bag company that I was not familiar with to my attention: Vaya Bags. I was immediately intrigued and started doing a little bit of research and, as is normally the case, there is a fascinating person behind any fascinating company! Tianna Meilinger is the renaissance woman behind Vaya …

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