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Feb 15 2014

CES 2014 Trends

A version of this article originally appeared at Living on the Cheap. The 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show was monstrous, gathering nearly everything related to technology across many facilities in Las Vegas. I wandered from booth to booth in the Las Vegas and Venetian convention centers to get a feel for what was going to …

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Jan 06 2014

Phablets Galore

LG and Huawei have both added comically large phones to their arsenals at this CES. They join Samsung’s slightly smaller Note3 that began shipping last year. LG has quietly become a big player in the mobile market. The G series phones and pairing with Google to make the Nexus phones has put them squarely in …

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Jan 05 2014

CES2014 The Madness Begins

Arriving in Vegas a little early for CES has its merits. The press day begins in earnest early Monday morning, but I decided to pop in for CES Unveiled to pack a little extra research in before the full show opens. Benefit one: The cab line. Last year I arrived Monday morning to a madhouse …

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Jan 03 2014

New Day, New Year, New Attitude

There is nothing like the beginning of a New Year to encourage some deep introspection. Resolutions are really just tangible (read “prone to being broken”) examples of those intentions to start anew. They may be fleeting and transitory or they may lasting and impactful. But the process is healthy. Like the shedding of skin or …

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