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Aug 17 2013

Galaxy S4 Rearth Ringke Fusion Case Review

I recently switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, it’s true…I am a switcher. We will get into the whys at a later date but the first priority with a new phone is a new case. My first experiment was a disaster, luckily the crew over at a MobileFun had a host …

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Jul 31 2013

WaterField Finn Wallet For Android

I can see how being in the Bay area would prejudice you towards a certain Cupertino based company’s equipment. I mean, they are just down the road, after all. So, when I switched from an iPhone to a Samsung S4, one of my most difficult moments was putting down my iPhone wallet from WaterField. I …

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Jul 26 2013

Google Chromecast Review

You have to love it when the technorazzi don’t see something coming and most of us were surprised when Google pulled the tiny Chromecast widget out of their bag of tricks along with the expected refresh of the Nexus 7. The Chromecast is not a radically new idea. Streaming across WiFi to an HDMI port …

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Jul 17 2013

Boddie Bows Smartwatch


While I was finishing up the review of someone else’s smart watch Boddie’s Indiegogo campaigncaught my eye. The Boddie seems to be a really good balance of form and function if they can follow through on the promise they are making. Notifications from Twitter and Facebook, pushed text messages and gesture based control of presentation …

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Jul 07 2013

Platinum Series Case With Holster Review

Poor materials and poor craftsmanship are at least balanced out by an inflated cost. At $5 this case might be a value, but at the $35 that Best Buy is charging it is a joke. They appear to want to make their way out of financial crisis on this single product.

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Jun 27 2013


How many different cloud accounts do you need? Here is a run through of all of them that I can find to compare!

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Jun 16 2013

Ventev Intros Mobile Accessories

Cables, car chargers, power cases and bricks are only part of the broad mobile offering that Ventev brings to the market.

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Jun 10 2013

Maybe a Nook For Dad for His Day?

Barnes and Noble have thrown some pretty aggressive deals around in the past, but this one may be the silliest I have seen . Expandable memory, a faster processor and full access to the Google Play store gets the Nook the nod over the Kindle Fire. A higher res screen than the iPad Mini and …

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Jun 08 2013

Quixey Rhymes With Tricksy

Quixey is a search engine for apps to help you find just the right tool on just the right platform.

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May 25 2013

Mobile Fun Nexus 7 TabletWear Case Review

If you Google “iPad case” you will literally get over a billion results. When you Google “Nexus 7 case” the results are much more limited. It is a shame to have such a capable tablet ignored by the accessory market. I had to look around a bit to find them but when the crew over …

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